Stay tuned to our gig guide this Dec from 16 Dec 2017 until kukekelwe…
We will be rendering our services to Yamantungwas on thee 29 -04 -2017… come and witness talent in action. #Ushukela *FREE DOWNLOADS*
#RockingMuzikHour brings to you #JoyfulSoundEdition 01&02
Ladies and Gantlemen Deep House Kilometer 2k17 Pres.. •Urban Qualities 20 (Urban mix) by Djene •Urban Qualities 20 (Local mix) by Tyro •Urban Qualities 20 Guest mix by 1000Kings Download and share #DKM2017 #UQ20
16~Dec~2016 @Mpumalanga Stadium(WESSELTON TOWNSHIP) Ermelo #MerryGoAround Show #1000kingsmovement 10Bucks cover charge(young&old) | 17~Dec~2016 @MC Guest House Standerton Road (Ermelo) 50 bucks cover charge, VIP 100bucks. brought to you by Sihamba Entertainment. #UshukelaOmningi
1st Dec Khuthala Park -Pensdown Explo (Ermelo) 2nd Dec @Mbombela(Nelspruit) 1st Annual Mpumalanga Cultural Festival #UshukelaOmningi #GodIsPowerful # 1000kingsmovement
life is colorful, diversity is colorful, togetherness is colourful, transparency is colourful, sharing is colourful, praying is colourful, music is colorful… #1000kings_sa at your service!! and tank you so much for the support of borrowing me your ears and supporting 1000kingsmovement services. #UshukelaOmningi and have a fabulous festive to all of you. *BLESS*
#Mbombela(NST) &Grasslands(Ermelo) 1st Dec 2016 #UshukelaOmningi
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