we like to wish a productive year to everyone out there and lets continue to support one another and be mental independent. #Ushukela
Stay tuned to our gig guide this Dec from 16 Dec 2017 until kukekelwe…
We will be rendering our services to Yamantungwas on thee 29 -04 -2017… come and witness talent in action. #Ushukela
https://m.mixcloud.com/1000kings/ *FREE DOWNLOADS*
#RockingMuzikHour brings to you #JoyfulSoundEdition 01&02
Ladies and Gantlemen Deep House Kilometer 2k17 Pres.. •Urban Qualities 20 (Urban mix) by Djene https://www.sendspace.com/file/quhrw0 •Urban Qualities 20 (Local mix) by Tyro https://www.sendspace.com/file/0b7hty •Urban Qualities 20 Guest mix by 1000Kings https://www.sendspace.com/file/nmbhro Download and share #DKM2017 #UQ20
16~Dec~2016 @Mpumalanga Stadium(WESSELTON TOWNSHIP) Ermelo #MerryGoAround Show #1000kingsmovement 10Bucks cover charge(young&old) | 17~Dec~2016 @MC Guest House Standerton Road (Ermelo) 50 bucks cover charge, VIP 100bucks. brought to you by Sihamba Entertainment. #UshukelaOmningi
1st Dec Khuthala Park -Pensdown Explo (Ermelo) 2nd Dec @Mbombela(Nelspruit) 1st Annual Mpumalanga Cultural Festival #UshukelaOmningi #GodIsPowerful # 1000kingsmovement
life is colorful, diversity is colorful, togetherness is colourful, transparency is colourful, sharing is colourful, praying is colourful, music is colorful… #1000kings_sa at your service!! and tank you so much for the support of borrowing me your ears and supporting 1000kingsmovement services. #UshukelaOmningi and have a fabulous festive to all of you. *BLESS*
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